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WING TV Antenna

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WING TV Antenna Empty WING TV Antenna

Post by Guest Mon May 20, 2013 1:18 pm

Our 2010 Broadway is fitted with the WING omnidirectional TV antenna and no matter where we are reception is virtually non-existent even after altering the dB+.
Whether this is due to the quality of the cables AS have used or the fact the aerial sits below the roof line I don't know. The previous owner had fitted a mast aerial bracket on the bike rack so I guess they had the same problem, we have bought a stand alone aerial but it's disappointing to have to use an alternative.
Pity AS didn't fit a Status directional in the first place.

Anyone else had similar problems? fedup

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WING TV Antenna Empty Re: WING TV Antenna

Post by BobK Mon May 20, 2013 8:35 pm

Hi Millhouse....... Yes, the Teleco Wing is a joke as far as aerials go. There has been numerous postings about it on this forum and the consensus is that they are not fit for purpose. Do a search "teleco wing" and you will see for yourself. Like your previous owner, I use a basic aerial clamped to the bike rack, but as you say, it looks shabby but effective.

cheers Bob


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