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Not so grumpy for a change

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Not so grumpy for a change Empty Not so grumpy for a change

Post by Bilbobaggins Fri Jun 30, 2023 9:33 am

Good day yesterday, daughters Yaris was in at dealer's to get MOT advisories sorted out, as she lives with us and we use it as second household car deal is she covers running costs.. insurance etc, and we cover maintenance and repair, cheaper than us needing to keep a second car on road for us and means moho not used as local runabout most of time. 63 plate diesel with 94k on the clock so lots of life left and worth investment 

Anyhow, all brake pipes replaced, new front suspension wishbones and bushes plus two new tyres, came in about £400 less than original estimate. Then went to collect new glasses from opticians,  when I ordered they hadn't realised I was still on basic care package for contact lenses, even though I haven't worn them for over a year and cancelled the package at eye test last week. Because I was still in scheme when glasses were ordered got 20% off, so balance was £125 less than quoted.

Not many days you end up with £500 more in the bank than expected at start of day. Should be enough to cover van fuel when we go away in 10 days. allthumbz

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