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LED Strips too harsh

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LED Strips too harsh Empty LED Strips too harsh

Post by Heebson Mon Jun 20, 2022 11:43 pm

Hi folks,
This is possibly not the most critical question ever asked, but here goes anyway  smile! 

Our 2019 Nuevo has the overcab bed which we prefer to use. It has three independently switched ‘short’ LED strip lights (about 20cm) positioned at head, foot & ladder areas. They are obviously the preference for getting into bed for easy switching off, but in actual normal use they are incredibly bright/too harsh. 

Anyone dealt with this or similar? Thinking about whether the strips can be replaced with a lower power or failing that we’ll be sellotaping some cellophane on them!


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LED Strips too harsh Empty Re: LED Strips too harsh

Post by Kemerton-bath Wed Jun 22, 2022 10:39 pm

I’m of the view that lighting is really important, whether it’s task lighting or for creating ambience. I’ve replaced or added to most of the factory fitted lighting in our Kemerton and wrote about it in the thread at the link below.

AS had selected light fittings that were too harsh to feel comfortable and in other areas they hadn’t put small reading lights where we wanted them. The main difference we made was to replace cold-white LED fittings with warm-white, which made a big improvement to the ambience. 

Lighting colour is specified in Kelvin (K) and a tungsten filament or halogen lamp produces light at approx 2800K. If you look for LED fittings that are rated at around this, certainly no more than 3000K, then you’ll find the light they provide is much warmer. In the link below you’ll find references to recommended suppliers.

I don’t suggest you fit dimmers to LED lighting in the van. Unless you fit very expensive versions you’re likely to have problems with flickering. Furthermore, many LEDs tend to emit grey light when dimmed, which looks ghastly.


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LED Strips too harsh Empty Re: LED Strips too harsh

Post by IanH Thu Jun 23, 2022 8:39 am

Very helpful and vast selection


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