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You just have laugh

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You just have laugh Empty You just have laugh

Post by Jaytee Mon Sep 19, 2016 5:59 pm

Got a vibration through the vehicle when I am just off the throttle between 60 and 70 which is of course my cruising speed. Power on or off and it goes. Merc say can't find anything wrong and as its out if warranty in two months and getting worse I thought I would get the back wheels check balanced just to take that out of the equation (rear wheel drive vehicle).

So off to local big 'tyre specialist' garage. Mechanic asks me to bring round to bay as a tad tight. Gets trolly jack, scratches head so I say as humbly as possible 'you need to jack on the approved jack point on the front Spring hangar or you won't get the wheel off due body clearance'. OK he says. Off I go back to customer seating and watch while he continues to scratch head and put jack under back axle shrugg. Takes wheel nuts off but can't get the wheel off snigger. I go over and being as helpful as possible say 'you have got to jack the body to get clearance'. Can't he says cos the other trolls jacks not high enough.. censored!.

So wheel back on and back home.

You just have to laugh don't you lol4

Anyway, just rung my normal 'not tyre specialist' garage and asked if I bring in two loose wheels can they do them tomorrow. Yes no probs.

So, I will take the wheels off myself. So much easier tap_fingers

We are not here long so do it while you can up!


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You just have laugh Empty Re: You just have laugh

Post by burlingtonboaby Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:24 pm

Hope you find your problem JT, I find the rear air assist handy to lift the body up to clear the wheel from the arch.
At least you got your nuts off  hugegrins


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