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Cheap as chips security

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Cheap as chips security Empty Cheap as chips security

Post by Peterm Thu May 11, 2023 6:27 pm

Worried about overnight break ins at dodgy overnight stops in France I investigated the Security marketplace. All the solutions seemed very pricy and not that secure. So here is my solution for total security for the price of 8 bamboo sticks and 8 postit no

First the cab doors. The lock will not turn if the button beneath the window cannot rise. So, Jamb a 2foot length of wood between the top of the locking button and the top of the door jamb. Two sticks, two doors. Secure as can be to all silent methods of entry.

Habitation door. Put a stout piece of wood across the door through the loop in the handle.

Windows. Need 4 sticks for this. Put a piece of wood across the window holding the side opening handles closed. For total security put a wire loop, or a rubber band around  the handles.

Work Heki security out for your selves. A loop of wire will do to limit the opening.

Next take 7 post it notes. Draw little locks on them that can be seen from outside, and attach them to the sticks.

Happy holidays



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