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Nuevo II sold

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Nuevo II sold Empty Nuevo II sold

Post by pompeymike Thu Dec 08, 2022 10:20 am

After 3 years of ownership we have now sold our 2011 Nuevo 2 EK. It wasn't being used much, especially during Covid lockdowns. Also the idea of Motorhoming didn't really grab my wife and I so we've decided to take other types of holiday. We did enjoy the times we did get to use the Motorhome though. Thanks also to the forum for plenty of intersting reading.

Out of interest it took a few months to sell our Motorhome (it was via a sale or return agreement with the dealr we bought it from). I think this was partly due to fuel prices going crazy during that time. However we did only lose a small amount and if we had sold it privately I'm sure we could have got the same as we paid for it in late 2018.


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Nuevo II sold Empty Re: Nuevo II sold

Post by burlingtonboaby Thu Dec 08, 2022 10:23 am

All the best Mike , hope you stay with us.


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