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Is it sold yet?

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Is it sold yet? Empty Is it sold yet?

Post by oldfred Mon Jan 23, 2023 11:05 am

As you might have noticed by my postings I am still on the forum even though I traded in my Nuevo in September 2021. As well as getting useful motorhome info and news I was hoping that if the new owner of the Nuevo might join and I could give them tips from my own experience.

I have been checking on the Highbridge website and noticed that the Nuevo was first moved to the Devon site the back to Somerset with a reduction. It is no longer on the sales page and I can't find it on Autotrader. It currently has no tax or MOT so I wonder if it has been sold within the trade or perhaps it is being prepared ready for a new owner. 

I wonder if other forum members end up 'stalking' their old vans?


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