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Trouble Registering For 3 year Free Satnav on

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Trouble Registering For 3 year Free Satnav on Empty Trouble Registering For 3 year Free Satnav on

Post by Bob Rodgerson Tue Nov 15, 2022 12:56 pm

We bought our van new a few months ago and so far, like most new vans problems occur, the first was a noise from the gearbox (Not Autosleepers fault), the second one was problems with the Power supply unit and the control panel which had managed to switch itself to a completely different model of Caravan and left us with no hot water or heating. This was quickly resolved by the dealer via telephone.
Once I got these few problems sorted I decided it was time to activate the three years internet access, so far I gave met with absolutely no success. I downloaded Naviextras to a micro SD card but whenever I put the micro SD card into the Zenec  Z-965 info trainer I get the message "No APK File Found" I have a windows based laptop that I use for a specific programme only and am reluctant to download any file that will allow me to download software to install and APK file.  For everyday use I also have and Apple MacBook Pro. I have tried downloading from both sources to the Micro SD card without success. Why oh Why do Autosleeper not supply a Micro SD card with the system already set up in the first place? Can anybody help me getting this to work?
Bob Rodgerson
Bob Rodgerson
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