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Disabled parking bays.

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Disabled parking bays. Empty Disabled parking bays.

Post by bikeralw Fri Nov 04, 2022 12:19 pm

Not really grumpy, more an observation.
About twenty years ago when the main carpark in town was redesigned there were about four disabled bays nearest the shopping centre entrance, seldom did I ever see them all full. 
Twelve years ago, in line with the new disability equality act, this was increased to ten bays, again, rarely were they all fully occupied.
Today while trying to push a trolley out of the centre I struggled to get past due to several blue badge holders parked up waiting for a space to become vacant, this is despite there now being over 20 dedicated spaces, which are all now full most of the time during opening hours.

I'm led to believe we're now a much fitter nation than in the past. 
Have the requirements for obtaining a blue badge been reduced? Will I qualify with my ingrowing toenail?



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Disabled parking bays. Empty Re: Disabled parking bays.

Post by Bilbobaggins Fri Nov 04, 2022 1:11 pm

Yes criteria have changed o er the years, goes beyond the original mobility problems an can now get for so called invisible disabilities, including several mental health conditions. Badge is valid for 3 years and needs fresh submission each time, can't just say no change in condition since last application. 

Management has one which we do use when out and about. If we take her mobility scooter it gives us more space to load and unload it, if she is well enough to walk disabled bays get us near enough to venues for her to manage to walk. 

We do use the blue badge on occasions when in the moho as scooter goes with us. Very occasionally used it on double yellows to drop Management at a shop door.

Alway conscious of using within rules so Management carries blue badge in her bag. I am happy to use regular spaces when allowed out on my own.

What puzzles me is where blue badge parking is free, badge is granted for disability, and is not based on financial assessment, don't have a problem paying for parking just  appreciate larger spaces

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