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Fire Blanket in Stanton

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Fire Blanket in Stanton Empty Fire Blanket in Stanton

Post by HelenE Thu Aug 26, 2021 11:08 am

Hi we have just had a three night shake down trip in our Stanton and are very pleased with our new purchase but wonder where is the best place to hang a fire blanket without doing damage to the lovely finishes?


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Fire Blanket in Stanton Empty Re: Fire Blanket in Stanton

Post by Molly3 Thu Sep 16, 2021 9:57 pm

On my nuevo I have fitted mine in the lower of the two compartment above the knife drawer using a single screw , Sett well back so the screw can't be seen but the pull-out chord can' eeasily be grabbed .


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Fire Blanket in Stanton Empty Re: Fire Blanket in Stanton

Post by Guest Thu Sep 16, 2021 10:26 pm

Is the finish more important than the consequences of needing to use it?

The primary use of a fire blanket is to smother a fire and the most common example given is a pan fire. Therefore it needs to be immediately accessible in the region of but not too close to the cooker. No fire appliance should be "in" something, it must be in plain sight and accessible without having to lean over anything as that may be where the fire is. The best way to think about where to put appliances is to think about the actions in case of a fire.

1. Get everybody out
2. Call help out
3. ONLY if safe fight the fire

So appliance locations need to be thought out based on you coming back in to the van. Extinguisher(s) by the door, fire blanket between the door and the cooker.

So a screw hole vs a burnt out kitchen or possibly the whole van? Given that you are probably never going to remove the fire blanket the purpose of the hole is always going to be apparent I don't think there is much contest really is there?

After all if you are worried about selling the van in the future sell the fire blanket with it, the new owner would probably never be aware it wasn't a factory fit in the 1st place. Think about it 1st as the only mistake you can make is choosing the wrong place.

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