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Pollensa: Fitting a Fammia Carry Bike CL

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Pollensa: Fitting a Fammia Carry Bike CL Empty Pollensa: Fitting a Fammia Carry Bike CL

Post by Martin Ballantyne Sat May 15, 2021 12:22 pm

My 2006 Pollensa originally had a Fiamma Bike Rack which was removed shortly after purchase in 2006 and sold. The 4 original anchor points are still in place.

I've managed to get a Fiamma Carry Bike CL which should be almost a straight replacement using the 4 existing anchor points. My question is in relation to mounting the rack to the two lower anchor points.

The Fiamma Carry Bike CL now comes with a lower mounting system which consists of a thin bar fixed to the motorhome at 3 points. The two outer points are where the bike rack tubes connect. The middle point is only used to fix the bar to the motorhome. As far as I can see the two outer points correspond with the positioning of my existing anchor points. 

I suspect I can simply ignore fixing the thin bar to the motorhome and can then fix the tubes directly to the two existing anchor points though I may have to "trim" the two existing rubber covers, though which the tubes pass, which are over the two lower anchor points or even remove them completely.
Before I embark on this has anyone out there done this, or something similar, previously? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Martin Ballantyne
Martin Ballantyne


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