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Ventura Cumuls Awning

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Ventura Cumuls Awning Empty Ventura Cumuls Awning

Post by Rutz&Mutts Fri May 14, 2021 12:44 pm


Has anybody any knowledge of Isabella/ Ventura Cumuls Standalone Awnings which they could share please.
I am trying to work out how it attaches to a wind out canopy as it two keder strips on the attachment which are about 12inches apart.
I don't want to throw straps over the top of  my Motorhome.
I have looked at the website, but can't find any information on attaching it with the keder.

Any  Help is welcomed



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Ventura Cumuls Awning Empty Re: Ventura Cumuls Awning

Post by davemarshall Fri May 14, 2021 2:03 pm

Hi Paul, we have a very similar awning to yours and it attaches by first winding out the awning about 2-3 feet, slide the keder strip into the awning channel, attach the figure of 8 plastic strip to the keder strip and then slide your standalone awning  intino the figure of 8 plastic strip and the wind the awning back in to bring the awning to correct height. To driveaway simply slide out the figure of 8 strip and the standalone should be clear of the MH. There is a video on youtube that makes the attachment clearer.


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