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Beurocracy Prize Giving

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Beurocracy Prize Giving Empty Beurocracy Prize Giving

Post by easylifer Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:12 pm

Not a spelling mistake.
Lots of comments recently on stupid rules and regulations being introduced by our wonderful politicians (ably assisted by our extremely well paid public servants).
i.e. Spending several million to relabel fuel pumps and cause confusion; 'Road Tax' system (no longer 'road fund license') designed to maximise income for the treasury not ensure an acceptable standard of safe roads.
My big gripe (this week) is that my Evoque has failed the MOT because one of the headlamp washers did not operate. No problem if you do not have them fitted whilst if you do have them (and they work) they have no effect on the lighting provided. 

Apparently they can also fail MOT if the 'self levelling' (for the headlights not the vehicle) is not working but they have no way of identifying this so MUST issue a Pass.

Is it the weather or is something else causing my foaming at the mouth.


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