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Auto-Sleeper 'Caravan Forum' Removal

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Auto-Sleeper 'Caravan Forum' Removal Empty Auto-Sleeper 'Caravan Forum' Removal

Post by Admin Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:10 am

We have finally taken the decision to remove the dedicated "Caravan Section" within the forum. 

As most of you will know the run of caravans produced by Auto-Sleepers was short, but we hoped we could encourage a number of these owners on to the forum, sadly the uptake has been very low and they don't appear to join in conversations elsewhere on the forum as we'd intended. As Auto-Sleepers no longer produce caravans, continuing with the dedicated forum seems regrettably pointless when its not being used. 

Any topics posted by caravan owners have been moved into the General Chat section of the forum so they are not lost, it goes without saying that both current & new Auto Sleeper caravan owners are more than welcome on the forum still, just that there will no longer be the dedicated forum section.


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