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Post by Admin on Thu Mar 17, 2011 4:17 pm

Welcome to the Auto-Sleeper owners forum - Recently launched on the 6th of Febuary 2011 cheerleader

A friendly online community for Auto-Sleeper owners, to share tips and advice with other Auto-Sleeper owners. We are not affiliated in anyway, to the actual motorhome converter "Auto-Sleepers" and we are therefore an unofficial forum. We look forward to your support, and hope you visit as often as you can. We hope the forum will increase in size as new members join, but please bare with us, as this is not likely to happen overnight! This is your forum so please use it and become a valued member of our community!

If you haven't already registered, please take a moment to do so now: Join Here You can introduce yourself here, say hello to other members, tell us your location, and which Auto-Sleeper you own ? We are of course, more than happy to accept members, even if they don't own an Auto-Sleeper motorhome or camper. If you are keen to learn more about Auto-Sleepers, or just have an interest in the motorhome lifestyle, then you are more than welcome!

There is no fee for using this forum, and it is totally free to sign up and use. Unlike certain "Other motorhome forums" we do not limit, the amount of posts you can make, or charge you for the privilege! All we ask, is that you remain polite, unoffensive, and use good etiquette with other members. Any threads that are deemed offensive, or threatening to other members, risk being edited or removed. The moderators or owners of this forum, also may terminate your membership, preventing you from posting in the future, if you do not abide by these rules.

If you experience problems accessing this forum, signing up, posting, or you wish to contact us for any other reason: Click Here

About The Auto-Sleeper Owners Forum

This forum was started, because of the need for like minded Auto-Sleeper enthusiasts to have a place to share information, tips, or just to discuss, various topics related to Auto-Sleepers. We hope this dedicated forum, will bring members together, and be a wealth of information and advice, that users can share within our friendly community.

Frustrated at the lack of a dedicated Auto-Sleeper forum, and having to trawl through a number of other motorhome forums looking for information. It was clear to see there was a desperate need for such a community. We felt the forum needed a simple, and easy to navigate layout. Our experience of some of the bigger forums, is they can be quite confusing and the layout quite cluttered. A basic, simple, and uncluttered look is what we envisaged and which we feel has been achieved.

We felt, it was important that each vehicle had it's own dedicated section, in order to make topics easier to find for each particular vehicle, rather than being lost in a jumble of other topics that have little, or no relevance to the actual members vehicle, or their particular preference.

We would like to point out, that this forum is totally independent of any business or organisation. The owners of the forum, purely have an interest in Auto-Sleepers and the motorhome lifestyle. We ARE NOT affiliated in anyway whatsoever, with the actual "Auto-Sleepers" company, or the "Autosleepers Owners Club ASOC" (although we are members ourselves, and do actively encourage others to join).

If you haven't already registered to join our forum, then please do so now: Join Here

Contact us: Click Here

Thank you for your support

Admin :D

©️ 2011
“The Auto-Sleeper Owners Forum” is owned, and operated independently and in no way endorsed by or affiliated with either
Auto-Sleeper motorhomes or the Auto-Sleeper owners club. This site is a totally non profit making organisation run by Auto-Sleeper
owners and enthusiasts for Auto-Sleeper owners and enthusiasts.

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