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Wardrobe Door

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Wardrobe Door Empty Wardrobe Door

Post by Dave 418 on Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:55 pm

tap_fingers The wardrobe door on Rienza is quite a hefty lump of wood being from the top of the heater to the ceiling. Over the time we have had the Rienza it has needed a little shove to shut the door properly and the catches to engage. In one of my DIY fits having the screws out I decided to have a look at the door. 
It has three fancy double fold kind of hinges and all the screws into the frame were loose. On further inspection the frame is tapered  at the back meaning the screws only bite into about 3/16 thick wood. The original screws were tiny 1/4" long ones.They are a pozi drive screw with a flat head, all my stock are countersunk.As a temporary measure I have put fatter self tapping flat head screws in but I will suss out a strip of wood to go behind the door post next DIY time. 
Autosleepers build quality is better than most but things like this show there are some things that are just not thought out. The door frame must be a special shaped piece of wood. A piece of normal shaped wood must be cheaper and a better hold for door hinges. 
We still think it is a great Motorhome and cant wait to be out there enjoying it.  allthumbz
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