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Member Profile Changes Empty Member Profile Changes

Post by ASOF Staff Wed 28 Dec 2011 - 20:40

As of 26/12/2011 ASOF has introduced changes to users profiles, so that new members who join must now fill in the 'Auto-Sleeper' and the 'Location' fields, otherwise they will not be able to complete their registration.

This change has been put in place because of the high number of members that fail to fill in these fields, and which hopefully will go some way to filtering out non genuine members and possible spam bots that attempt to register on the forum.

We have avoided making either of these fields compulsory up until now as we wanted the sign up process to be as easy as possible, however after careful consideration staff have concluded that 'Genuine Members' will not mind filling out these fields in order to sign up with us, and hopefully it will reduce the number of silent members that continue to register with us, who either fail to introduce themselves, or join in and support the forum.

Can we please request that current members who do not have this field filled in their profiles, go into their profile and add their Auto-Sleeper model, then save before exiting.

Many Thanks

ASOF Staff
ASOF Staff
ASOF Staff
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