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Profile Avatars & Member Badges

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Profile Avatars & Member Badges Empty Profile Avatars & Member Badges

Post by Admin Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:55 pm

As you may have noticed (amongst other visual changes) members who currently do not have an avatar, now have a "No Avatar" icon in their side profiles. Hopefully this will encourage users to upload their own personal profile picture.

If any members have difficulties putting up a profile pic, they can always email us a photo along with your user name, and we will happily put it in place for you on your behalf.

It's always nice when members use a pic of their Auto-Sleeper as an avatar, but you can of course have anything you want so long as it doesn't cause offense in anyway.

You can also select from a wide choice of preset avatars from our own forums gallery easily within the avatar section of your profile.

Members now have "Member Badges" These were personally created by our CC, and we feel they compliment the side profiles smile!



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