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found tv reception adjuster screw

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found tv reception adjuster screw Empty found tv reception adjuster screw

Post by steve00136 Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:36 pm

Occasionally when setting up the tv in poor reception areas I found that twiddling an adjuster screw on the signal amplifier removed the pixelating and improved the picture a lot. I only found this adjuster screw by accident when the amplifier cover fell off. It is difficult to spot and tricky to adjust in it's deep recess in the cover. So I have now removed the cover made a bigger hole that the adjuster screw protrudes then pushed a short length of plastic tube over the screw. Now I can easily see and make adjustments to the tv picture.
found tv reception adjuster screw Temporary_zps2pcqkupz

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found tv reception adjuster screw Empty Re: found tv reception adjuster screw

Post by moggyminor1966 Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:32 pm

I also found this adjustment last year whilst on a CL site where the Emley Moor transmiter was towering over me. The signal was too strong so I had to reduce the signal strength.
Why they could not have designed it with the adjustment on the outside I cannot understand. Good modification though!


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