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Height Barriers

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Height Barriers Empty Height Barriers

Post by Wozzon Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:35 pm

Just done a round trip from Cornwall to London to Canterbury to Brighton to Tiverton and back to Cornwall.
It was very frustrating driving from Canterbury down to Brighton along the coast, so many car parks and hundreds of empty spaces to stop off and take in the scenery at the various places along that section of coast, but nearly all of the car parks had height barriers. We did manage to stop off here and there for half an hour or so but it wasn’t made made easy!


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Height Barriers Empty Re: Height Barriers

Post by Dutto Sat Nov 02, 2013 9:54 pm

Hi there,

It seems to be the trend for Councils to do this in the misguided belief that it will deter "Travellers"; who usually bring along a bolt-cropper!

My favourite story of someone denying access to a public place was up in Scotland where a "newbie" to the village put a lock and chain across what was regarded as a public track.

He was asked to remove it but insisted that it was his right to block off the lane because it ran past his house.

After the lock had been filled with Araldite Rapide a few times when his vehicle was on the far side of the chain he decided not to bother.

Maybe the Councils would stop using height barriers if we all used the same system! Whistle1 Whistle1 

Best regards,

Dutto - Living more in hope than expectation; and seldom disappointed!


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