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Not actual game footage!

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Not actual game footage! Empty Not actual game footage!

Post by Dutto Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:40 pm

Hi there,

Here's a seasonal moan. wave

I am sick to death of adverts that show fantastic things happening and then in fine print at the bottom of the TV screen it says:

"Not actual game footage!" tap_fingers tap_fingers

Why don't the Advertising Standards people stop them or make them write:

"THIS ADVERT IS A FAKE!"?? allthumbz allthumbz

Come Christmas morning there are going to be thousands of disappointed kids and twice that many angry parents! look here look here

Bah humbug!!

Dutto - Living more in hope than expectation; and seldom disappointed!


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Not actual game footage! Empty Re: Not actual game footage!

Post by DuxDeluxe Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:30 pm

Ooh ...... Christmas moans. Plenty of material here.....

What really tees me off is the adverts showing all these plates of delicious snacks from Iceland which are nothing like the advert when you see them. And the Christmas cooks on TV - Jamie (wants to be yer best mate) and Nigella ( I really wants to be best mate.......... Whistle1 ) irritatingly perfect .........

Makes me want to head for the champagne


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