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Malvern wheel arch and plastic bottm trim

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Malvern wheel arch and plastic bottm trim Empty Malvern wheel arch and plastic bottm trim

Post by Supapen Mon Apr 29, 2024 7:09 am

Rather carelessly I turned a corner too tight and scraped te plastic trim. Any tips on repairing it?


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Malvern wheel arch and plastic bottm trim Empty Re: Malvern wheel arch and plastic bottm trim

Post by Roopert Mon Apr 29, 2024 7:50 am

Unfortunately there aren't really any easy ways to DIY a repair to a painted plastic panel - if you try it will probably look bad. Assuming you don't have experience of spraying plastics, the best bet would be to take it to a backstreet body repair shop.

Assuming you are not doing it through your insurance, do not take it to an insurance-accredited body shop - in my experience they will give you a "we don't want the work" price, because insurance work is so profitable.

If possible, ask around on your local (for example) FB group, and there's a good chance someone will recommend a place in a nearby industrial estate. It should not cost more than a couple of hundred pounds. [For comparison a local insurance-accredited body shop wanted £500 to respray the rear bumper of our T5 - a backstreet place did it perfectly well for £180.]

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