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Thetford Standard 5 door rubber seal

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Thetford Standard 5 door rubber seal Empty Thetford Standard 5 door rubber seal

Post by Ailsaj Thu Apr 25, 2024 10:38 am

Hi there  wave - we had a problem with the Thetford Standard 5 exterior lockable door (the one which gives outside access to under the bed). We had lined the bottom of this under-bed storage area with carpet - for warmth and also to help deaden the sound of chairs/tables rattling whilst traveling. After a winter of discontent and horrendous rain we noticed when we opened the cupboard the rubber seal was wet and of course the carpet inside was consequently damp/wet. Hmmmm - still not to panic, a quick surf around Google/eBay located a replacement rubber seal which was easy to fit. We also got a can of Thetford Seal lubricant Spray and gave the new seal a liberal dose of said spray - also did the Toilet Cassette Door whilst we were at it - and job's a good 'un! up!


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