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Boxer Talisman heater

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Boxer Talisman heater Empty Boxer Talisman heater

Post by David Sloan Sat Mar 30, 2024 6:58 pm

Hi Guys, I am looking for suggestions on heating my Talisman GX  Motorhome. today I was reading the manual that came with it regarding the heating. The manual referred to the Trumatic E 2400 space heater but it turns out that's not what is fitted instead its a  Truma Ultraheat 240v ac. The problem I have is that I want to use the van off grid and I  am looking for suggestion on heating that does not cost a kings ransom. The Talaisman is turn into a money pit with one problem after another, I paid 15k for it from a company just west of London and it was described as being in very good condition but that turned out not to be the case. needed sills replaced at a cost of £360 and a further £2270 for more welding and other repairs to get a fresh MOT and was advised to replace all  4 tyres that are now sitting in my garage at a cost of £290 + fitting ? . I could have purchased a newer van but I was looking for something that would fit up  my driveway ( it does it with 25mm either side) not my best purchase but its getting there just need to come up with a heater that's not to costly. Any suggestions most welcome.
Best Regards David
David Sloan
David Sloan


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Boxer Talisman heater Empty Re: Boxer Talisman heater

Post by Roopert Sat Mar 30, 2024 8:14 pm

As I understand it, the Ultraheat is a 240V mains add-on option to one of their S-series gas heaters. I owned one of their gas-only heaters for around 10 years and I thought it was a very effective heater - but it did consume a lot of gas! These days it's an expensive option to run.

If you want low running costs then probably your best option would be the cheaper Eastern European or Far East copies of the deisel-powered Eberspacher (for example the copy made by Planar). You won't get the quality, and probably not the reliability of an Eberspacher, but it will be less than half the cost to buy. If you are able to install that yourself, it should not be too expensive - but you would need to plumb in a diesel supply from the vehicle's tank (some people fit an internal fuel tank but insurance companies can be a bit fussy about that).


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