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Post by Alwaysurfing Fri Mar 29, 2024 11:02 am

Just bought a refurb Starlink from them direct - £150.
Put in garden to check it works ok and was astonished at how good it is.
I have virgin media 1G broadband and not kidding the Starlink was as good if not better streaming to several devices at same time.

Setup was simple, connected almost immediately.

So, when in van was thinking of breaking out through one of the vents behind the microwave cupboard.  I have previous removed the microwave and made what I call a media cupboard I.e a small extension tower plugged into the microwave socket used to charge phones, iPads, alarms, cameras, TV etc

I put a pull down door over the front, like the one under the bathroom sink, so all looks tidy.

Not sure how to stop rain coming in after I break some of the slats out of the vent, any creative ideas welcome.


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