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Mercedes Benz Sprinter ATF change

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Mercedes Benz Sprinter ATF change Empty Mercedes Benz Sprinter ATF change

Post by gassygassy Wed Mar 20, 2024 9:36 pm

If anyone is interested to know how to change the ATF on a Sprinter - as in the Bourton (? and other A/S ?) I will do a post on how to do it and for the first time in your life you can earn £377 in two hours. Legally. Or one hour if you go at it confidently.
I'll put it in the technical section, because - ooh it's difficult - you need two sizes of Torque sockets, a lever, an old flexi hose from your A/S washroom that was leaking before it left the factory, a garden sprayer - you know, the plastic container with a pump, a hose and nozzle for spraying weeds - 5 itres of fluid, a gasket and filter from your unfriendly local MB commercial dealership. They don't even give you a free coffee but will charge you £480 for £103 worth of parts (retail) plus an hour's labour. I bet they can do it in 30 mins.
Except that the £103 includes 10 litres of ATF and you only use 5. So in reality it is £73 worth of parts and materials because you only need 5 litres at £6 / l. and that's the genwhine Merrceeedeez Benzz fluid, you don't need to go to Halfords.

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