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Post by Jo326 Sun Mar 10, 2024 8:20 pm

My partner and I picked up a fabulius CF end of last year. 
We’ve just stripped it out to see what condition the body work is in and this weekend we lifted the pop up roof to inspect the rust damage and work out if we are renovating it and keeping the pop up roof or changing it to a permanent high top. 
The fab news is that whilst it is very rusty with large areas rusted completely through around the roof join, it can be reinforced and repaired and we are going to keep this lovely old van as it was intended and do our best to renovate it. 
The engine seems in good nick, the main structure is good. The wheel arches, front door steps and bottoms of the doors are in holes and we were fortunate enough to pick up some spares we can use as part of the deal when we bought it. 
The interior was completely original but unfortunately with so much water coming in down the sides in 3 areas the wooden units are damaged. The original fridge, sink and cooker are almost perfect. 
We even have the original crockery. 
It’s a wonderful thing. 

Ask us in a year if see still think the same lol. Hello Img_7210
Hello Img_7211
Hello Img_7212Hello Img_7210
Hello Img_7211
Hello Img_7212Hello Img_7210
Hello Img_7211
Hello Img_7212
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Post by burlingtonboaby Mon Mar 11, 2024 2:35 pm

Hi Jo
Welcome to the forum from Bridlington , good luck with your purchase, hope you stick with it.  up!


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