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Where is the UK?

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Where is the UK? Empty Where is the UK?

Post by bikeralw Thu Sep 14, 2023 6:59 pm

Just home from a week celebrating my wife's birthday on a tiny Greek island. 
On arrival at Athens airport we were surprised by the signage as we made our way to passport control. To the right was a lane that said EUROPEAN and to the left it said NON-EUROPEAN and UK.
Now I know were being punished at every turn for daring to Brexit, but there wasn't a mention of EU on the signs.
So I assume European citizens not in the EU such as Swiss, Albanian, Bosnian etc. go through the European channel, but this is denied to UK citizens.
Last time I looked we were definitely part of Europe...
What really grates is that all the years we were in the EU we were net contributors, from memory Greece has been a taker ever since they joined..


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Where is the UK? Empty Re: Where is the UK?

Post by Bilbobaggins Thu Sep 14, 2023 7:27 pm

Think we still are net contributers and will be for several years as part of the Br***t deal negotiated by the UK government on our behalf  shrugg

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