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Automatic Transit?

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Automatic Transit? Empty Automatic Transit?

Post by pilchard Thu Aug 31, 2023 11:28 am

With the intention of upgrading to a slightly more spacious van we advertised our Symbol and there was a feeding frenzy. We've taken a deposit and buyer takes over ownership in 3 weeks.
We want an end lounge coach-built, but something not too long like an Inca or Ravenna. There are a few candidates advertised, one of which is a Ravenna Transit... but it's automatic. I don't know why, but I seem to be biased agains auto gearboxes, so I thought I'd ask the forum what they think.
Not with a ten-foot barge-pole, or get it bought in a hurry?
Are they breakdown prone overcomplicated luxuries that prevent driver input and forward planning, or are they a boon that are durable and flexible for storming round those high alpine hair-pin bends?

Also... how does everybody rate the 2.4 Transit engine for power? I'm used to, and just love, my 2.8 HDI 126BHP Boxer engine.


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Automatic Transit? Empty Re: Automatic Transit?

Post by frederic Thu Aug 31, 2023 4:41 pm

Our Durshift Duetto Transit Mk6 went very well.
As its now old technology, servicing and spares and may well be a problem.
Personally I wound avoid.
Now the VW Tip-Tronic on the T5 is a different matter!!


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Automatic Transit? Empty Re: Automatic Transit?

Post by gassygassy Sat Sep 02, 2023 11:11 pm

I've just taken delivery of a 2019 A/S Bourton with a Mercedes auto box. What I like is that the engine runs front to back, then there is a recognisable torque converter, a recognisable auto box, a prop shaft and differential in the rear axle. It's a funny old thing to drive, all push buttons, no gearstick or handbrake but it's lovely.
Before this I had a 2020 Ford Transit auto which was super powerful, and a lovely gearchange action.

As for auto versus manual, my soninlaw had a manual box Mondeo which needed a new clutch. Five years ago that cost him £1200. Whereas a torque-converter type of auto gearbox lasts many hundreds of thousands of miles, if you don't habitually drive it like you are at Santa Pod.

Also when you accidentally drive into Barcelona at 5pm on a weekday, your left knee will need replacing along with your clutch. There is nowhere to turn off into a side street and nowhere to park out of the stopgostopgostopgo traffic jam. That's when you really really wish you had an automatic.

Steer clear of the Fiat Comfortmatic. Lots of very negative views, problems on campsites getting out in slippery grass, crawling slowly in traffic and up slight inclines. Also at 35,000 miles they need an expensive service which only a Fiat garage can do because they need connecting to the Fiat factory computer. Not that Autosleeper offered the Fiat comfortmatic (I think). Always Peugeot who didn't do autos.

complexity is the enemy of reliability


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