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Topaz leisure Battery Charger

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 Topaz leisure Battery Charger Empty Topaz leisure Battery Charger

Post by Mick 54 Thu Jun 08, 2023 10:38 am

Does anyone know where the leisure battery charger unit is located on a 1994 VW Autosleeper Topaz.
When we bought the Topaz 12 months ago the Leisure battery charger was working fine, but now it has stopped working.
I have checked the green power light on the Zig controller and there's no power going to it.
If I feed power to the bulb it lights up so its not the bulb.
I have looked under all the seats, in all the cupboards and everywhere I can think of including behind the panel between the toilet and the sink
but cant find it.
We are members of the Autosleeper Owners Club and I contacted the tech guy unfortunately he doesn't know where it is. 
And he suggested someone on the forum might know were it's located.

Mick 54
Mick 54
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 Topaz leisure Battery Charger Empty Re: Topaz leisure Battery Charger

Post by Paulmold Thu Jun 08, 2023 3:40 pm

Probably under false floor or behind false back wall of one of the cupboards under sink/cooker.

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