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Post by Dave 418 Fri Jan 13, 2023 10:10 pm

I eventually got the insensitive to fit a USB socket in the Rienza after a lot of thinking and checking. To make it look neat and as close to the original switches I fitted it alongside the other switches and fitted a three way surround to match.
The aerial booster has  a twelve volt feed so I tapped into that using Wago connectors. Any one that hasn’t used these they are a very easy to use and are insulated.
To get to the wiring I lifted the wardrobe floor. I found the water pump lying on top of the boiler not fastened to the washroom wall as it should be. The washroom wall is very thin so you can only use very short screws so it’s not surprising it fell off eventually. The state of the A180 can’t of helped. 
I re fitted the pump to a 1/2 “thick piece of ply that I screwed to the support rail for the wardrobe floor and glued it to the washroom wall. Thinking of how noisy the pump was before I put a piece of carpet tile on the ply and rubber bushes under the mountings. 
We have a pub stop planned in a couple of weeks so it will be interesting to see if the pump is any quieter now.
Dave 418


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