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Post by Curtis1964 Thu Sep 15, 2022 10:10 pm

Hi, autosleeper Nuevo 2003 model, my motorhome hooked up to the mains, & the sockets work, but interior  lights have stopped working, do the lights work of the battery only, Cus my battery is flat as a pankcake but it shouldn’t be as I’m hooked up to the mains.
Or is there fault with the mains hook up. Thanks


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Post by Roopert Fri Sep 16, 2022 12:46 am

If the mains sockets in the van are working then there is no fault with mains hookup.

One difficult thing about A/S is that there are no clear year-end boundaries between what internal equipment is fitted in each van - so one "2003 Nuevo" might have different power control equipment than another.

If you can say what make and model of power control system you have it may help. I think that by 2003 they may no longer have been fitting Zig panels, so it won't really help to suggest what to look for on a Zig!

One common failure though is the main (often 20 Amp) fuse which you will find adjacent to the positive terminal of the leisure battery. On some models this is mounted in a place where it is visible, and in others it will be an inline fuse, which may have dropped down out of sight.


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