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2015 A-S Burford Duo

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2015 A-S Burford Duo Empty 2015 A-S Burford Duo

Post by David Marsh Thu Jun 30, 2022 6:32 pm

Well, here I go again. I've bought yet another Auto-Sleeper, I just can't keep away from them. This time it's a 2015 Burford Duo. I went way way across country yesterday and did a great deal with the dealer, in fact both they and I were happy. We hope to collect it in two weeks time. She who must be obeyed has just asked me if we need to get a solar panel fitted!!!!! Why didn't I look yesterday? So, would someone in the know please let me know if a solar panel is fitted when new. it'll save me harrasing the dealer in the morning should it have one fitted as standard. I know it has rood air-con which is a bonus. 
David and Val.
David Marsh
David Marsh


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