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Van dealership servicing

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Van dealership servicing Empty Van dealership servicing

Post by Relaxez-Vous Thu Mar 10, 2022 6:30 am

I hear the birds starting to sing more, Spring is around the corner and I start thinking that our vehicles will soon be needing their annual service and MOT. A small problemo, I have yet to arrive at our local Peugeot dealership to find easy parking for our van. It was even worse when we had a Ford Transit based motorhome. There were then two Ford dealerships both were as bad as each other, on arrival every convenient parking place was occupied. With the Transit I got this sorted by paying extra ££ for a collect and delivery service. Then Covid arrived, the dealerships withdrew this service, I was in charge, I was in control, big time, which I didn't want.

We would now have to drive to the dealers, drop the vehicle off and either drive some way back home in the second car, or rest up nearer by in some out of town shopping centre to await a phone call from the dealer that a video was available of the underside of our car, or that our motorhome van would soon be ready for collection, when, when the .... has been done, what? Perhaps we have time for another coffee in M&S or/and look again at their price reductions they have on beach towels.

I've finally come to realise that the dealers know nothing of how their customers are filling in their time between drop off and collection . I guess that they just differentiate between two sorts of customers, those customers that wait in service reception that unknown to them are slowly developing tremors from caffeine intoxication, or their other customers who leave to go to some destination unknown. What I and you need to know is that customers staying in the dealers service reception have priority over those stuck in M&S waiting for a phone call to tell them that their vehicle is ready for collection, many hours after you dropped your vehicle off even for a simple service check and oil change.

Sorry I omitted to mention the entertainment value of someone stuck in service reception watching the many flies around the coffee machine whilst sat in the modern chromium strip and grey upholstered furniture.


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Van dealership servicing Empty Re: Van dealership servicing

Post by roli Thu Mar 10, 2022 8:56 am

I agree with you, customers are not considered whilst the vehicle is with them
The garage we use services both car and van so we leave one in and when we pick up leave the other one, so we only have 1 disappearing act to do but it is in town centre.


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