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Time saving-aye right

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Time saving-aye right Empty Time saving-aye right

Post by Askit Tue Mar 08, 2022 8:45 am

I'm sure you have all seen (or even done) transactions in shops being made using smart phones or smart watches, it's all apparently to make our lives easier with the convenience of everything in one place. What a great time saving wheeze  rolleyes

That is unless you're in the supermarket queue behind the person searching their phone for their loyalty card to swipe, then searching for the several money off vouchers they have been sent to swipe before finally searching for their bank card to pay for the shopping. We've gone from a transaction of a few seconds with real money to nearly 5 minutes with new technology  shrugg



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Time saving-aye right Empty Re: Time saving-aye right

Post by rogerblack Tue Mar 08, 2022 9:36 am

I must admit to making more and more use of my smartphone for those sort of things, but I always have the relevant 'vouchers' activated beforehand and right screen open as I approach the till so it gets scanned in seconds.

Mrs B on the other hand has one of those phones that only makes calls and texts - remember those?  So she has her myriad of plastic loyalty cards stuffed in various sections in her wallet/purse, which she then has to hunt through to find the right one, generally at the last minute at the till. After having the check out operative sort through a pile of paper vouchers for her to find any valid ones.
Much to the chagrin of grumpy folk in the queue behind her.  rolleyes winks

I also took advantage of the recent discount on digital Senior Railcards and got a three year for £47 rather than £70. However I must admit to having printed off a copy of the screen with the QR code and put it in my wallet just in case of a problem with the phone!



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Time saving-aye right Empty Re: Time saving-aye right

Post by Dave 418 Tue Mar 08, 2022 12:52 pm

I am of the same thinking as Mrs B having my daughters old I phone that I use for making calls and sending text messages.
Today I went to Screwfix to pick up some bits with a text message for the order number. As I got to the counter and tried to find the tex but the phone wouldn’t turn on. The damed battery was flat.blushes
The girl behind the counter was very understanding and found the order without the text. She didn’t make any comment about us none tech older people.
Yes I have a wallet full of cards that sometimes don’t work because they scratched but I have managed without having a heavy I phone sticking out the back pocket of my designer jeans.
Dave 418


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