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Which awning for Eaton 2006

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Which awning for Eaton 2006 Empty Which awning for Eaton 2006

Post by Woodenhead Mike 8th February 2022, 20:00

I'm considering getting a wind-out awning for our 2006 Eton. Any advice and insights from knowledgable members will be appreciated. In particular; if I buy one what should it be, what can I expect it to cost, what will a dealer charge to fit it, and what should I really look out for or check?  I will be completely honest - I haven't got a clue and everything I've looked at so far just compounds my confusion and ignorance. So help please!
Woodenhead Mike
Woodenhead Mike


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Which awning for Eaton 2006 Empty Re: Which awning for Eaton 2006

Post by burlingtonboaby 11th February 2022, 12:10

Hi Mike
assuming you have contacted the A/S workshop regarding your query ? Don't know if you have a recessed awning on your model of van.
Check out Hillview awnings website for different makes of awnings that may suit your van.
The company regularly visits motorhome shows and offers a fitting service at the show.
Hope this helps.


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