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Report Button Function

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Report Button Function Empty Report Button Function

Post by Admin Mon Jul 19, 2021 5:53 pm

Members are increasingly using the report button to report posts not worthy of our attention. Some of these posts when we trawl through them leaves us rather bemused and lacking any understanding as to why the post was even reported. We suspect occasionally members must report posts either out of curiosity or accidentally on these occasions. 

The report function is there for reporting serious issues, for example when bad language is used, if inappropriate content like pornography or distasteful material is posted that could cause offence, or another reason could be if a thread has gotten out of hand with abusive insults being hurled back and forth.

We welcome your participation in reporting posts to us for action, however please make it clear in the report what you are actually reporting as it’s not always clear to us what the issue is, also please note that just because you find a comment by a member you deem politically incorrect or even offensive, providing it doesn’t fall into the categories previously mentioned then don’t expect Admin or Moderators to take action because you don’t agree or approve of something someone has said.

This is a forum where people debate and people are entitled to differing opinions, if it offends you that someone has said something then challenge them direct not report such incidents.

Thank you for your time and understanding 

Ed (Admin)

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