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Autosleeper Topaz Diesel 2006

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Autosleeper Topaz Diesel 2006 Empty Autosleeper Topaz Diesel 2006

Post by Guest Thu Jul 08, 2021 7:47 pm

AutoSleeper Topaz 2006 VW T32 2461cc Diesel - Fumes

Has any other owner of a 2006 Topaz experienced getting a strong smell of fumes (possibly diesel?) inside the middle of the vehicle, particularly with the the sliding door open? Fumes are most obvious outside the vehicle if you are standing outside near the sliding door. It’s a smell I find quite nauseating. Has anyone any ideas? The exhaust system is enclosed on the other side of the vehicle and some corrosion has been picked up on the recent MOT. The fuel tank is on the side of the vehicle where the fumes are - could it be that that a seal has perished or something. Grateful for any ideas and if this is a known issue before it goes to the mechanic. Thanks 

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Autosleeper Topaz Diesel 2006 Empty Re: Autosleeper Topaz Diesel 2006

Post by Roopert Thu Jul 08, 2021 11:12 pm

You will need to be more precise - you need to be sure whether it actually is diesel or not. You can do this easily by going to the sliding door side, identifying the smell, and then opening the fuel flap, removing the fuel cap and comparing the smell there. Is it diesel, or is it something else?

Now, if we assume that your guess was correct and it is diesel that you can smell, you can go on to identify where it's coming from. The thing about diesel is that it is a light oil that persists for a long time - it does not evaporate quickly, unlike petrol. So now, look under the vehicle at the fuel tank and adjacent areas. If you have a diesel leak, you will see visible signs of it.

If not diesel, then what does the smell remind you of?

Don't forget that you need to be precise when you explain these things - it may be obvious to you, for example, that the engine is running when you experience the smell, but you don't say, so we don't know - it might be, or it might not!


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