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Some Warranty Good News

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Some Warranty Good News Empty Some Warranty Good News

Post by Langreed Tue Jun 29, 2021 10:22 am

After owning three previous new Motorhomes, all  to familiar with the tribulations of Motorhome warranties. 
Erratic shifting of responsibilities between base vehicle manufacturer, the Motorhome builder, the dealer - and then when claim addressed an endless wait for authorisation and or a part order!  
So here’s a positive story for a change. 

Took delivery of our new Broadway FB in early April 2021. 
Used it immediately to tour including 1600 miles in Scotland. In other words no lengthy storage to run down either battery. Near end of Scottish tour at start of June Van battery failed - low charge warnings and jump starts. 
Achieved journey home to Hertfordshire and had to call out a trusted local Auto electrician. 
Test showed battery requiring replacement 0.7 Volts on Bosch test equipment. They supplied an identical Varta AGM battery to the Sevel marked Varta that had failed.  Cost £216. 
So who to claim from? Established that the Autosleeper build was Jan 2920. 
Van therefore stuck at dealer throughout lockdowns. Service Manager at dealer (SMC) warned 
That Autosleeper allowed them 6 weeks on a new van battery. I’d had the van 8 weeks. 
So went through customer care at Peugeot and made a warranty claim. Fortnight later have heard that they will reimburse full cost of the new battery. 
Credit to them for that response and the speed. Also for not quibbling about the battery being replaced by a third party  (nearest Peugeot dealer who will take in a Boxer Motorhome is 90 miles away from where we live)
So we’ll done Peugeot. 
Note to buyers of new Motorhomes if there’s another lockdown, check with Dealer their regime (if any) for keeping their stock regularly smart charged. And to Autosleeper how old is the battery in the base vehicle you’re building on?


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Some Warranty Good News Empty Re: Some Warranty Good News

Post by burlingtonboaby Tue Jun 29, 2021 10:35 am

We had to use Peugeot assist when we broke down in our 59 Symbol 10 years ago, van was lifted from outside our property taken to main dealers in Scarborough ,repaired and returned within two days.
One phone call that's all it took.
Pleased you got your battery replaced and all is well.


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