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Hella rear light clusters

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Hella rear light clusters Empty Hella rear light clusters

Post by mikeyval Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:55 pm

Hella rear light clusters --- what a P I A -- virtually impossible to clean.

My rear lights needed new bulbs (one blown) so bought a pair of new bulbs.
Removed the unit  - oh boy - absolutely filthy with accumulated road dirt.
Having dismantled I tried to clean with hot soapy water - waste of time. So out came the pressure washer.
Light cluster firmly held in place and pressure washer deployed -- It is virtually impossible to remove, by
any method the accumulated dirt that gets inside the light cluster. Inner and outer parts cannot be parted
for cleaning - stupid design. If they were properly sealed dirt wouldn't get in.

Looking for replacement light clusters now and they ain't cheap -anywhere - any suggested sources ?
Rant over

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Hella rear light clusters Empty Re: Hella rear light clusters

Post by raymondo Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:34 pm

You're lucky!
mine has "Jotul" rear lights the brake light connector within the bulb holder gets so hot it has melted the lead on the bulb base! the brass strip connector also tarnishes to the extent that the light stops working and you have to polish off the oxide with a dremel to re establish a connection.

obviously you can only do this a few times before the brass gets too thin and you have to buy a new one........and can you get the bulb holder without a lens?  damn right you cant!


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