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Carabarge - in France (River Sarthe)

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Carabarge - in France (River Sarthe) Empty Carabarge - in France (River Sarthe)

Post by IanB Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:56 pm

Ok, in the dim and distant past (the mid-80's) I owned a caravan and rented a carabarge for a week on which the van was carried.  This is a flat pontoon on a catamaran base with a demountable wheelhouse.  The van was taken on via ramps from a riverside slipway.  Once on board and locked down, the outboard motor was mounted on the stern of the carabarge, the wheelhouse re-erected and you were good to go! I think (vague recollection) we may have arranged this through the caravan club at the time.  

It was actually wonderfiully different, chugging along the canals and locking through various ecluses. It was one of the best weeks caravanning we ever had as it was so different.  As I recall we got as far as Le Mans before turning back.

I've done a quick internet search and it seems they do still exist in France.  Has anyone ever used one in recent times (this side of 2015)?  Has anyone ever taken a motorhome on to one?  If so, do you have contacts for the hirer?




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