Marker lights on a Gatcombe

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Marker lights on a Gatcombe Empty Marker lights on a Gatcombe

Post by Lofty on Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:07 am

Evening campers! I acquired our Gatcombe about 4 weeks ago and, as you do, started a to do list. Had her re mapped @ Pendle Performance, purely for the extra economy Whistle1. Last week spent several hours scrubbing the roof ( that was fun! ). This week it was time for a good waxoyling in Galgate. Throughout the month, I have been polishing and cleaning for dear life also. Now to next item on list. The r/h front marker light on the over cab has not worked from day one. So, I ordered new lens units from Alan @ Auto-Sleepers,(nice and shiny!), had a furkle and found that the live ( red ) wire was not connected as there wasn't enough length after a previous "repair". So, I took her to my local garage with a view to having the wire extended but he said there was no live feed to that side and that the wire was either burnt or disconnected/broken inside the body shell! I suppose the question in my long winded post is, can the wiring be accessed through the overcab cupboard? It looks extremely well trimmed in there. scratch head


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