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Post by Admin Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:38 pm

Due to the high number of "Zero posters" on the forum, we have taken the hard decision to start pruning accounts of two months and older that have "Never" made a post inactive.

The success of this type of website depends on the contributions of its members, and there is no valid reason to sign up to a forum "A place to enter discussion" simply to read and take information posted by our members, and contribute nothing back to our community.

Out of courtesy to our existing, and loyal members who support us by remaining active, (without which, this forum would not even exist) the very least we would request is for members to introduce themselves in the welcome section.

While we appreciate this move may prove unpopular, and some may even feel is quite harsh, at the last count we had 200+ members who have never even posted a simple "Hello" in the introductions section shrugg

We suspect a number of these accounts are duplicates, or possibly other forum owners or people curious to look at our content, but more worrying for us could be potential spammers or spambots (A spambot is an automated computer program designed to assist in the sending of spam) It is for these reasons we have to monitor inactive members and members that lurk but do not post (In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, but never participates) If you have never posted we have no idea who you are?

We are not banning these members or deleting their accounts, just deactivating accounts. Any member that has had their account made inactive (now or in the future) and would like it reactivated, have only to send a request by email to: asking for it to be reactivated.


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