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Control Panel Empty Control Panel

Post by Guest Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:23 am

read As you scroll through the options  on the control panel of my Cotswold one option is Mains supply  which should toggle between Supply ON or Supply OFF mine only shows supply OFF, is there a problem or is this  function not applicable on this model
 Cheers  allthumbz Tugg

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Control Panel Empty Re: Control Panel

Post by Peter Brown Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:39 pm

This is just an indication of 230v connection (or not), there is no switch function associated with it.


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Control Panel Empty Re: Control Panel

Post by Guest Thu Jan 30, 2014 8:26 pm

Hi I now have the answer to the EC325 control panel after contacting Sargent
This is a copy of the email I received from them


I think I know the problem.  If you go to your control panel and scroll to the main screen, does it say EC328 rather than EC325?


If it does, the only effect on normal operation you will get is the loss of the mains on signal (the two systems are compatible other than they use a different pin on the data cable to denote mains on).   Assuming this to be the case, you can either leave as is and you will have no problems with the use of the system, or you can go into a 'hidden' menu and change the panel type on the control panel. 


If you wish to do this, simply carry out the following:


1) Ensure the control panel power button is switched OFF.


2) Scroll to the main EC screen  (The one which tells you which panel type eg EC325 or EC328 etc)


3) Press and hold the middle arrow button.  After a few seconds you will get a beep and a list of panel types, you can then use the up and down arrows to move through them, once you get to EC325 simply press the middle arrow button to exit to normal operation, your panel will now be en EC325 type.


If you accidentally exit on the wrong panel type, don't worry - all panel types are electrically compatible, just go back into the list and change to the correct type.


Best Regards


Dan Howlett


Design Technician

Sargent Electrical Services Ltd

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