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Brake Vacuum Pump Leaking oil Transit Mk7

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Brake Vacuum Pump Leaking oil Transit Mk7 Empty Brake Vacuum Pump Leaking oil Transit Mk7

Post by mike on Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:12 am

Hi All,

Just a bit of info for Ford based Autosleepers.

Set of to Spain via Bilbao and got 60 miles and noticed oil on the ground, the Brake Vacuum Pump was leaking. I immediatly went into panic mode and total shock as the service schedule is 2yrs and 30k miles and I have it serviced every year/4k miles by Ford main dealer. Last service 3 weeks/20miles before we left home.

Found Ford main dealer in Spain and after 5 days wait for a  Genuine Ford pump and 498 Euro dent in wallet on my way again. With trepidation checked under bonnet each time we stopped on the 400 miles to Bonterra Park in Bennecasim and fingers crossed all now seems ok. The Spanish garage said that the pump should not have leaked at such a low mileage (20k) so will have words with Ford customer service in UK and see if they would be willing to make a contribution. You never know.

Anyway enjoying sun in spain for next 5 weeks.



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