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Surrey Empty Surrey

Post by t_rifles on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:16 pm

We have owned our Surrey for nearly a year now and haven't posted much. I read this forum and others most days for inspiration for future trips and advice and help (searching older post does the trick). In some ways using it as a emergency resource. As a change, I thought I'd contribute a brief review and hope at least someone may relate to or find our experiences useful.

The Surrey is an easy size to deal with only the height being a consideration. A couple of sites we have visited had low branches to remind us. We have the automatic which is left in drive rather than any manual changes and make full use of cruise and return about 25 mpg. Visibility is good helped by the rear view through the kitchen window. At times the cross winds can have it moving a bit, but this is easy to deal with compared to a caravan and it being our first motorhome I can't say if it worse than any other. On some roads there can be squeaks and rattles (especially in the UK), but on smoother major roads it is reasonably quiet and the softer suspension than perhaps a Fiat helps this whilst still be a capable handler. Also because it is naturally level rather than nose down we have not needed to use levelling blocks yet.

The internal layout is good for the three of us lounging in the evening and again for bed time as long as preparation for this is done in the correct order (4 adults on board may be a squeeze). Our son sleeps in the overcab and my wife and I use the long sofas as singles, pulling them out from the walls just enough for the back cushions to drop down with Duvalays and a pillow with a couple of the cushions usually means a good nights sleep. I'd class the bathroom as just big enough and storage elsewhere is good. The quality of fixtures and fittings seems good and has stood up to (careful) family use.


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Surrey Empty Re: Surrey

Post by Nuevo on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:21 pm

Thanks for sharing

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