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Locked out of the forum suspicious activity

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Locked out of the forum suspicious activity Empty Locked out of the forum suspicious activity

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:44 pm

On rare occasions members may encounter our security software suggesting their online activity is suspicious and any further attempts to log into the forum will be met with these following images:

Locked out of the forum suspicious activity 1-1-1_zps257eb7fd

Locked out of the forum suspicious activity 2-1-1_zps2687b417

If you encounter these screens you will need to verify your account by filling in the 'Online Guardian' form, this involves entering your username and the verification code (captcha code) if you are unable to read the code then please refresh to obtain a new code then re-enter.

Why does this happen?

This is a security feature built into our forums software, it means that the antispam system has detected an incompatibility of the username and the IP address. We are unable to disable it as it has been put in place by our hosts to help prevent spammers, hackers and any suspicious activity. For example, suspicious activity could be seen as a member trying to sign into another members account, or even something as simple as entering the incorrect password a number of times in succession when attempting to sign into your account (if this happens leave the forum and try again later)

If you find you have been locked out of the forum despite resetting or validating your account, then please contact me Admin for further assistance.

Who is the OnlineGuardian?

The service Onlineguardian aims to develop software and hardware solutions to prevent any host with the presence of illegal content on web communities. Our systems detect violation of the hosts TOS (terms of service) and behavior or content which could adversely affect the hosts and the internet.

The Auto-Sleeper Owners Forum (ASOF) works hard to ensure we do not break the TOS (terms of service) set by our hosts - The forum is therefore closely monitored to ensure any TOS are not broken.

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