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Habitation systems failure - solution

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Habitation systems failure - solution Empty Habitation systems failure - solution

Post by Backtrax on Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:36 pm

Recently the waste water tank full alarm stopped working on our 2010 Broadway.
The result being that dirty water was pouring out of the overflow hole at the top of the tank or slushing into the shower base when travelling.
Daunted by the prospect of removing the tank to investigate the sensor I left it for later.
Soon after I realised that the fresh water tank full indicator was not working and also the 12v cut off was not activated by the engine running signal.
Research on-line showed from the schematics of the EC325 control system, that these 3 things were all connected to the control panel via a single 10 way connex plug.

I looked behind the drawers under the wardrobe and found that such a connector had indeed become disconnected from the underside of the EC325 panel.
I have reattached it and all systems are now working correctly.

Further investigation showed that the wires on this 10 way connector are the shortest ones from what is quite a large wiring loom under the wardrobe, where the water pump and heaters are situated.
This 10 way connector is therefore effectively carrying the weight of the loom when any movement occurs during driving.
No surprise then that the connector gets pulled out of the panel.
My solution was to screw an additional bracket to the wall under the wardrobe floor and zip tie the loom to it.
This carried the wieght of any loom movement and thus removes any stress on the 10way connector.


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Habitation systems failure - solution Empty Re: Habitation systems failure - solution

Post by DuxDeluxe on Mon Dec 24, 2012 5:03 pm

Thanks, I'll check out mine. It is probably the same for a few similar vans such as the Nuevo. Have a good Christmas! allthumbz


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