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Trouble Signing On & New Registrations

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Trouble Signing On & New Registrations Empty Trouble Signing On & New Registrations

Post by Admin on 13/10/2012, 11:56 am

Due to some new members contacting us to say they haven't received their email with the link for self activation - This issue only effects a small number of members and we have no idea if this is down to error by the recipient or down to the email filtering by the recipients email or internet service provider - Either way, if you DO NOT receive the activation email then please familiarise yourself with the details which should have been read when you agreed to our sign up terms:

After you have completed the registration you will receive an email with an activation link (usually straight way)

You must click on the link in the email, otherwise your account will remain inactive and you will not be able to sign onto the forum as a Member until you do so.

If you have not received the activation email check your spam folder, if you are certain you never received this email then please contact us so we can activate your account for you.

1) If we receive no communication from you and your account remains unactivated it will be deleted.

2) Do not contact us demanding to know why your account has been deleted - I'm getting tired of receiving rude and abusive emails after this action is taken.

3) We are always happy to assist new members get on the forum, but we will not leave unactivated or dormant accounts un-deleted (it would make life much easier for us if we could!)


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