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Watching TV/iplayer abroad

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Watching TV/iplayer abroad Empty Watching TV/iplayer abroad

Post by RML Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:57 am

Does anyone have any advise for watching TV on a laptop when abroad please?
I cannot decide whether to go down the satellite or laptop route to get access to BBC tv and radio when travelling in France and Spain. I've looked at satellite costs and they are pretty steep but the options for uk tv VPN access via laptop seem reasonable, has anyone experienced this please?
Many thanks in advance.
Rich.. allthumbz


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Watching TV/iplayer abroad Empty Re: Watching TV/iplayer abroad

Post by Dutto Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:02 am

Hi there,


Unfortunately, they all know when you are out of the UK and put a "Stop" on you receiving any programmes via BBC iPlayer etc.

However, your iPad or computer should have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) facility and you can therefore rent a UK based VPN for the time you are away and receive all programmes; as long as you have a fast enough broadband connection.

Go to: to check it out.

There are other advantages to this system. We had a VPN from "My-Expat" for the six months we were away last year in Spain. It cost £5 a month, it worked very well and we thought that it was well worth the money; especially in Spain.


We have a fully automatic "Caro" (diamond shaped) satellite dish that sits very comfortably on the top of "Petal". We can get ALL "free-to-air" stations down to the south of France and "free-to-air" news programmes all the way down to the south of Spain.

With a larger (1.2m diameter) dish you can get "free-to-air" all the way to Gibraltar.

Hope this helps. allthumbz

Best regards,

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Watching TV/iplayer abroad Empty Re: Watching TV/iplayer abroad

Post by JessTravels Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:39 pm

I'm looking into this at the moment. Anyone with knowledge as to whether these VPNs are still working with iPlayer I know they were red flagged/banned but they claim they are still working?
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